A NEW DAWN BEGINS AT DNN: Blanket Fort a Smash Success!! Leaves Audience Stunned!


TRONA, CA: DNN’s much anticipated new program, Blanket Fort, made its debut on dnnonair.com to very favorable audience reaction on Friday night.  Blanket Fort, the first of numerous original programs DNN plans to unveil in an ambitious year, is the largely top-secret program Douche! and company have been working on for the past few weeks as dnnonair hosted Jason Deeh Pitre’s DEFAMED miniseries.

DNN got mad game
DNN got mad game

The show turned out to be a 30-minute manic ride that at times was absurd, sexy, heart wrenching, slapstick, educational, and full of surprises.  The pacing was quick, and the half-hour seemed to fly by in minutes.  At its conclusion, the audience offered robust words of approval, with the only criticism coming from DNN’s own Clear Cider, who wished the program could have lasted a whole hour.  Douche! plans to keep the program to half an hour for the time being, but left open the possibility for further evolution.

Unlike what was done with DEFAMED, there are no plans for a Sunday re-showing, so if you saw it, you are in an exclusive club.

The audience approves!

The program itself is an omnibus of sorts, with content created by numerous participants. Among those with segments in the debut episode were the alluring and provocative Vada Callisto (who hosted a story-time and for whom this reporter sees stardom knocking), Emilio (hosting a segment called “Fly High with Muttley”), Nichole (a beautifully filmed tour of Mississippi), Caillou (who made the perfect martini), Elko Tron (in a minimalist cauliflower coring segment), Krystal (interviewing a professional escort), and others.  A video by upcoming Blanket Fort guest Kobra And The Lotus was included, and supplementing the original material were fast clips from YouTube and foreign advertisements.  It was quite a spectacle (ADD-approved, its creator notes) and its fast pacing made it a juggernaut that was hard to turn away from, even to check the chatroom.

The debut was followed by a Blab, hosted by Emilio and featuring Vada Callisto.  The theme of the evening that more than one commentator uttered was that it felt like the start of a new era.  DNN is very edified by the response of our debut program, and we look forward to working with the community to produce even better episodes weekly.  Got some video you think might be a match?  DNN would love to watch…

Watch the Blab, still live as this was published, here.