ALLUSIONS ABOUND ON DNN LIVE! Tantalizing Hints of What Is to Come??


KEY WEST, FL:  DNN Live! returned to Spreecast on Friday after a month-long hiatus and has already started tongues wagging about some of the content on the webcast hosted by Kelly Fox and Nichole, and featuring Emilio aka Muttley.  Visiting this week were Stu, Christopher Roy Dick, and Jason Deeh Pitre.  Douche was also present during the show, and active in chat.  Chat room regulars Elko Tron, Seederman, JeffM, Geo, Bologna Sauce, and Reggie were also present and engaged.  It was a low key, friendly affair, notable for some tantalizing hints regarding projects that are scheduled for the first week of April.


Emilio discussed the recent controversy surrounding accusations that Douche and Jason Deeh Pitre are the same person, and said the clues presented were not conclusive, and that it wouldn’t matter to him anyway.  He discussed his impressions of working with Douche, for whom he holds very warm feelings.  “I love Douche for who Douche is”, he told viewers, and said he feels “very happy” and “honored” whenever Douche tags him in a tweet.  He commented on the romantic nature of Douche and QueenBabyFaced Alice’s blanket fort, a refuge Douche had built in the chat room of DNN On Air, and how he had felt embarrassed to interlope.  He says Douche makes him laugh out loud, and changes his outlook for the whole day.  Kelly Fox countered that Douche is mean, and unfriendly to her on Twitter.  However, Emilio remained unswayed in his professed respect and love.

Not brilliant, but very, very good.
Not brilliant, but really, really good.

Amusingly, after Kelly announced that Bologna Sauce was the funniest person on social media, she goaded Emilio into making a list of people he found to be “brilliant”. He named, in order, Douche, Seederman, Clear Cider, Kelly, Elko, Nichole, and himself.  He said Stu is “really, really good” and JeffM is “a brilliant guest”.  After some thinking it through, he defined “brilliant” as “shining like a diamond”, and added that Kelly is therefore definitely “brilliant”. He then belatedly added Joey LiSanti to the ‘brilliant’ list, and said he was impressed by how well-rounded he is and how well he handled the recent trolling assault against him and his mother, Kelly.

Chris Dick
Chris Dick

Christopher Roy Dick visited and announced he was convinced that Jason is Douche, and debated it with Stu, who is convinced that Jason is not Douche.  Deluded Dick also mentioned that he knows that Clear Cider is Natalie Maines, lead singer for the Dixie Chicks country pop group, and asserted that Twitter troll Tricep Brah is actor John Stamos.  Stu reiterated the basic and obvious proof of their separate identities, which is that Jason is a native Francophone while Douche is an Anglophone, and this is reflected in how they write and how Jason speaks. When Dick pointed out that Jason and Douche are both very mean and vile, Stu pointed out that Jason is usually very nice.  Dick started commenting on how he didn’t know how to pronounce Jason’s name, so Jason typed, “How to pronounce my name: Jason Deeh (as in ‘D) Pitre (as in Pittr without the E) in chat”.

Two members of the Scroll
Two members of the Scroll

The piano player for the Scroll, Jason’s band, appeared next, and pronounced the name for him.  Jason joined her on cam (conspiracy buffs note: Douche was active in chat throughout Jason’s appearance, although Elko disappeared…) and chatted with Chris for a bit, but little mention was made of the controversy, or his mysterious new project, which was formally announced as debuting on DNN On Air on Friday, April 1, 2016.

Other topics discussed were the Mile High Club (Emilio, very briefly), quitting smoking (Emilio and Chris, who has set April 1 as the day he will quit), raccoon trouble (Kelly and Nichole), Seederman’s background (Chris with Seederman in chat), the satisfaction of marriage (Nichole and Chris), and some long-winded Christopher Dick tales. At one point, the Idaho Spud boasted about singer Harry Chapin, whose name he could not pronounce, as being a “Boise boy”.  [Editor’s note: Chapin actually was from Brooklyn, NY.  Chapin did write a song called “W-O-L-D” which mentions “Boise”, although if he were really from Boise, he would have known radio stations there begin with K…]

All of this was good, entertaining discussion. However, some of the most interesting news were things only alluded to.  So, to bring readers and DNN Live viewers up to speed, here is what else we learned:

  1. Friday, April 1, 2016, will see the first episode of Jason Deeh Pitre’s new miniseries debut on DNN On Air. This is expected to be an event that will resonate deeply and decisively, and you won’t want to miss it.  Readers may recall a teaser bearing the cryptic message r.i.s. appearing last week. The ominous meaning of r.i.s. has been revealed in a new teaser which played twice during DNN Live.  The teaser can be seen below.  Further details about this incredible production are due on Monday.
  2. DNN’s notorious cult classic motion picture, Last Thirteen, will be shown on DNN On Air on Monday, March 21, at 8PM EDT, followed by a Blab with Emilio discussing the movie. Anyone with questions regarding the film, its participants, its ethics, or its making are encouraged to participate.  This is a rare chance to see the film that has caused so much ruckus.  Last Thirteen was edited by Douche, directed by Seederman, and largely shot by Christopher Dick.  Jason Deeh Pitre, The Scroll, Elisa Jordana, and Krystal provide the soundtrack.
  3. DNN Live itself is expected to settle into a new permanent home once the Deeh Pitre miniseries kicks off, but this project remains secret at the moment, and DNN higher ups are not speaking about it.  We expect that its new home will raise some eyebrows, but can say no more as of yet.

Watch the new teaser for Jason Deeh Pitre’s new 6-part miniseries, coming to DNN On Air on April 1, 2016.  The exact nature of this miniseries remains under tight wraps, but look for more information early in the week: