Are Tim Allen and Paul Revere Related?


We have all heard the claims that Paul Revere is Tim Allen’s uncle. Some laughed it off as just the latest in a long line of tall tales while others did not give it a second thought. Some were curious as to whether these two entertainment icons were indeed related.

A basic Google search only mentions that the two share the last name Dick. Tim was born Timothy Allen Dick and Paul was born Paul Revere Dick. No online mention is made of the two being related. This could just have been something that was overlooked by the media and fans or something one of the two did not want mentioned. In order to get to the bottom of this I would have to get Mazzapotamus level creepy and dig further.

In order for Paul to be Tim’s uncle, Paul would have to be brothers with Tim’s father. I probably could have worded that better, reading it back seems like I am trying to follow a trail of incest… oh well. Ok, so to start we would need to know some names.

From Wikipedia:

Allen was born in Denver, Colorado. He is the son of Martha Katherine (née Fox), a community-service worker, and Gerald M. Dick (1923–1964), a real estate agent.

We now have a name, Gerald M. Dick. We also learn that Tim was part of the Colorado Dicks. Our next step would be to see if Paul Revere had a brother named Gerald. Back to the Google Machine!

According to Find A Grave, Paul had 4 siblings. One, Freeman was stillborn. The other 3 – Schuyler, Elvin and Lester – aren’t named Gerald. Paul was indeed part of the Idaho Dicks.

In conclusion, Paul Revere is not the uncle of Tim Allen in this universe. I will get back to you when Google adds their multiverse search option!