ASK “K” – December 14th


Dear K,
Hi, I’m a big fan! I’m a big fat meatball and I can’t mind my own business. I’m a meddler who is obsessed with Kermit And Friends. I look like a circle and I can’t stop sticking my dirty filthy hands in other people’s marriages, friendships, and working relationships. I just ate 9 ice cream cones and I’m a magician. My question is, how do I stop being obsessive. – Mr Meatball

Dear Mr. Meatball,
Tsk Tsk, Meatball. I’m assuming you’re a grown man so, it’s unfortunate that you haven’t learned not to meddle in the lives of others. Here are some suggestions that might help you stop meddling; 1. Always ask yourself if you would want someone telling you what you should and should not do before you say or do anything. Besides, handing out unsolicited awful advice is my job. Speaking of, you really should cut back on the ice cream cone consumption. Instead of 9, try 7. You’re welcome.

Dear K,
I done goofed! I made the mistake of saying some very hateful and hurtful things to someone that I had respect for in the KAF community, now this person is upset and doesn’t want to talk to me anymore (which is understandable). I don’t want to make excuses for my behavior, but it was during a manic episode of bipolar disorder fueled by alcohol. After seeking help from a Psychiatrist and getting back on bipolar medication (as well as sobering up), I realized the inappropriateness of my behavior. What I said and did is not typical behavior for me, I really am a nice person.  My question is: How do I make amends with this person? Should I even bother to attempt to reconcile, or just let it go? I’m a “people pleaser” and it saddens me when someone doesn’t like me. The other people that I offended seem to have forgiven me, it’s frustrating that the other party involved isn’t willing to forgive my offensive statements. Thanks for your advice. -inappropriate comments

Dear Inappropriate Comments,
Some people just have zero tolerance for stuff like this, others don’t. Some people will forgive and forgive and forgive again until, finally, they say enough is enough. Thing is, words hurt people sometimes. Even if words don’t bother the person you’re talking about, the annoyance of your behavior clearly did. If you truly respect that person, respect the fact they have no desire to mend fences with you and leave them alone. My guess is, the simple fact that you haven’t left it alone is one of the biggest indicators for the person that nothing has changed with you and that’s why they are refusing to have anything to do with you.