Ask “K” – December 17th


Dear K,
What does Pi equate to?
~Stuck on Algebra

Dear Stuck on Algebra,
What does Pi equate to?? Um, yummy goodness that I always regret after eating it? How the entire fuck am I supposed to know what Pi equals?! Why are you asking me to do your homework, anyway? I WRITE AN ADVICE FOR DOUCHE! NEWS NETWORK TRIBUNE do you honestly think I know algebra? For fuck sake. P.S. Google is your friend.

Dear K,
This is a follow up question from my friend to the question about the condom protocol in a 2 girl 1 guy threesome….So, he wants to know if rinsing the same condom off will suffice?
~Asking for Friend Again

Dear Asking for a Friend Again,
Um, I suppose the only way that would suffice would be to turn the condom inside out. No need to rinse off then unless you spent yourself in it. All jokes aside, if your friend is too cheap to buy condoms then your friend shouldn’t be having sex. Just saying.

Dear K,
I caught the big fat bastard I share a bathroom with giving oral sex to another man. Does this mean he’s gay?
~High Pitch

Dear High Pitch,
Yes. Anytime you, as a man, have a dick in any of your holes it is gay.