Chat room regular, Nick Presto, has passed away after an aggressive illness following a severe hit-and-run accident while he was on his motorcycle in March 2015 that had left him bedridden.  In the wee morning hours of September 2, he participated in a Hangout with Krystal, the only known appearance of Presto outside of the chat room.  He was a tremendous fan of Krystal’s and gave her a pep talk even when he was struggling with his own life-threatening illness.  DNN decided a fitting tribute would be to let Nick speak for himself and publish his own words under his byline, so that is what we did.

I’m just gonna tell you this.  Life can change at the snap of a finger.  At the snap of a finger, you can go from being beautiful, healthy…looking forward to nothing but the best things in the world, and in the snap of a finger, all of a sudden have it wiped away.  And all of a sudden, you are fighting for your next day.  I’m speaking from a place of truth, a place of experience on this.

I was looking for anything.  Anything that would give me the ability to forget where I was, what I was doing, short of pulling the knife out and just saying forget it because the pain was crazy, and the drugs were even more crazy.  They couldn’t find a way to get me stabilized… I’d wake up in the middle of the night, and there you were!  I would watch you, and I would laugh, and I would go in the chats, and I would type… And for a period of time, it just took my mind off things, you know?. It’s not TV, because you can say something in chat and someone actually responds back to you. It was just an incredibly welcome distraction from what is really screwed up.

And when I say screwed up?  Your situation today is gonna pass.  You will get out of your bad place. You will have peace with your husband, or without him.  You’re a beautiful girl, you’ll find somebody else who will help you come around.  And your kids are gonna grow up, and they’re gonna make you proud.  I’m absolutely 100% confident.  Your best days are in front of you. So when I see you getting upset to the point where you’re crying and stuff, it upsets me.  It upsets me because it shows me that you are letting people (who have so much less of value than you) get to you.  It bothers me.  Your’re gonna be just fine.  Don’t let them get to you.

Listen to Nick Presto’s full 3 hour conversation here