BLANKET FORT – Douche! Fills You In


Hi everybody, it is me, Douche! Since we are taking a week off here at Blanket Fort Central, I figured I would fill you in on what we have coming up!



The first seven episodes of Blanket Fort have been magical, a true demonstration of what a bunch of strangers can accomplish when they are put in a positive environment. I have decided that Blanket Fort 8 on July 8th will be the end of the current run. I won’t call them seasons but will go with the more Euro-tinged “series”. Don’t worry, you will still be getting a regular Blanket Fort fix via “site exclusive” content until we return to our weekly schedule in September! We will also produce a few specials during the summer hiatus. This downtime will allow Blanket Fort the time needed to pivot into the next, exciting phase. My intention is to continue with the original Blanket Fort while expanding into sexy new realms.

The thing that I love about Blanket Fort is it gives people a chance to contribute. It isn’t just a show, it isn’t just a website, it is a lifestyle. The plan was always for it to be much bigger than a Friday night webcast. Everything that we do on a small scale is proof of concept, allowing us to scale up once we feel confident in the production. That plan is in action and Blanket Fort is about to become what I first envisioned it as. While I can’t say too much just yet I can let you know that I have partnered with a few professionals to form a true collaborative network to take the Blanket Fort idea to the masses. The new network, FAN DRIVEN MEDIA, intends to take the half hour contributor generated model and apply it on a much larger scale. If a dozen contributors can be taken from a pool of 50, imagine the impact when the pool is hundreds of thousands. Where are these numbers coming from? Sports teams, bands, TV shows, movies and super heroes, to name a few. Our newly forged partnership gives us access to these fan bases and the ability to reach out to them for contributions.

For example – our intention is to professionally produce one show featuring fans of each of the 123 teams across the 4 major sports in North America (NHL, NFL, NBA & MLB). On our current one-show-per-week schedule we would have enough content for well over 2 years worth of shows before the need to repeat a team arises. We will also be keeping this schedule for each of the sub-genres.

Blanket Fort will be split into new sub-genres, such as Blanket Fort Sports (BFS) and Blanket Fort Music (BFM). Each sub-genre will produce a weekly show that will run on our network and also be available as a vodcast via itunes and our own cross-platform app. Further to this, the viewer will have the chance to choose individual segments to watch as well as have site exclusive content. FDM are also official content providers for a major IPTV service launching later this year in Europe, giving us the possibility of reaching millions of new viewers. Official titles and branding will roll out as we near launch.

The new resources gained with the FAN DRIVEN MEDIA partnership also allows us to produce new ideas not related to Blanket Fort. An initial outline is to cover all the major art disciplines in a new, fun and unique way. There is new music that needs to be heard, stories that need to be told and life experiences to be learned from. Artistry is not about whining and whinging, it is about creating and sharing.

Thanks to everyone who took part in Series One, let’s make two even more fun!

Your pal,