Brotha Ric Peeks In The Door

MADISON, AB  Third generation delta bluesman, Brotha Ric Patton, who regularly brings the house down on his extraordinarily entertaining Periscopes, paid a low-key visit to Kermit and Friends today, appearing with some of his Blues VIPs in time to catch Christopher Dick’s meltdown video.  As Ric put it, “I was lookin’ in the back door.  They didn’t see me, but I was there”
Actually, sharp-eyed fans of the entertainer spotted him immediately in the chat room.  As any seasoned Kermit and Friends viewer knows, the chat room can be a hellride for the uninitiated, and Chris Dick uncensored can be even worse.  However, Brotha Ric seemed amused by the festivities, if a little bewildered, and graced us with his presence for a good length of time.
For those who have never seen Brotha Ric on Periscope, he is the epitome of the kind of undiscovered talent one can find in the social media age.  A frequent street performer who enjoys a glass of wine as he plays some improvised and classic blues songs on guitar and mouth harp, Ric is the consummate entertainer; warm, friendly, funny, a little salty, and a gifted musician with real soul.  He has been seen on one episode of the Kermit and Friends show, in a DNN clip, talking about the monkey who visited him. The viewers loved him instantly. One can only hope that one day he’ll join host Elisa Jordana on camera and mix it up with some of the regulars.    Brotha Ric maintains his own website with Periscope information at