Chat Room Regular Emilio/CaptMuttley in Hangover Drama


NEW YORK, NY: Chat room regular, Twitter bon vivant, and probationary DNN member Emilio (aka CaptMuttley) painted the town red last night in a decadent bout of drinking that only ended with New York’s notoriously lenient 4AM cutoff. He stumbled into his own residence at approximately 4:30AM, and awoke with the mother of all hangovers Saturday morning.

Emilio, a pilot by profession, claims to rarely ever drink for this very reason.  With a head throbbing so badly it was visible even to viewers, a repentant and ill-looking Emilio confessed his sins to Kelly Fox and Nichole Witty, whose new show, DNN Live makes its debut this coming Friday, January 29th.  The trio met on Blab earlier today, with Empty Wallet also in attendance.

Smoopie Bear, as he is known only to Kelly Fox for reasons nobody wishes to know, also spoke in a cracked, morning-after voice and displayed deeply bloodshot eyes.  He gamely tried to make conversation.  Kelly announced that she planned to drink tonight, and Emilio quipped “you drink every night”. Kelly responded that she does not, and even when she drinks, she doesn’t wind up looking like Emilio did today.  A pained-looking Muttley abruptly departed.

DNN wishes Muttley a speedy recovery, and reminds him that the spittoons in the newsroom won’t empty themselves.  “Never again”, uttered a contrite Emilio at some point in his tortured appearance; we hope not.

Full Blab Here