DEFAMED PT. I: Succinct History Lesson with Laughs a Hit with Audience!!


    MONTREAL, QC: Jason Deeh Pitre’s first installment of DEFAMED: The People Vs. Jasouche Douchon aired Friday night to an enthusiastic crowd, garnering praise from viewers and setting the pace for the rest of the series, which will air in five additional installments.  The episode was followed by a lively Blab hosted by DNN LIVE‘s Emilio, featuring JeffM, Krystal, and Jason.  It was yet another triumph for DNN, which has been on a roll this year, and it was testament to the talent and enduring popularity of Deeh Pitre, the closest thing to a star to emerge so far from the microverse that surrounds the stalling Spreecast program Kermit and Friends.  The party atmosphere had been brewing all day in anticipation of the showing, and word on the street is that DEFAMED has done tremendous justice to the story that has been unfolding over the past year.  As one unnamed source close to the musician director added, “we control the narrative now”

    Part One of DEFAMED was pretty much all backstory.  It traced Deeh Pitre’s involvement with KaF from his first awareness of the program through his final appearances in February of this year, when he was ambushed by morbidly obese unemployed teacher, magic trick trademark infringer, histrionic troll, sugar daddy, and leech from Ringoes, New Jersey John Mazza (who had stepped into yet another scandal of his own earlier in the day when it was discovered he had sent a sex scene from Deeh Pitre’s film Do You Truss Me to a minor he had previously plied with money and gifts).  The episode closed with Mazza’s introduction to the episode that many see as KaF‘s biggest misstep and turning point.

    Jason on KaF, from a low-quality Claire from NJ upload
    Jason on KaF, from a low-quality Claire from NJ upload

    Now that the first episode has ended, we have some idea of Deeh Pitre’s method for creating the miniseries.  Friday’s episode included clips from Kermit and Friends and the Howard Stern Show, as well as reenactments, interviews, and original new scenes.  It was a balanced episode, in which he explored the appeal of the offbeat webcast in the first place and why Jason had become involved in it.  It gave a very accurate account of events on the program, including the parade of guests who have acrimoniously quit the show as well as Douche‘s era on Kermit and Friends, which ended with his voluntary retirement from it in early December. Retelling history in this microverse is a risky prospect, because so many recall the actual events, but an informal poll in Emilio’s Blab after the episode showed that viewers almost universally found Jason’s account of the show to be remarkably accurate and articulately presented.   The DEFAMED episode ended as the notorious defamation episode of KaF began, suggesting that Part II is likely to deal with the actual moments of accusation from that show.  Viewers commented on DEFAMED‘s high production values, which were indeed remarkable given the miniseries’ budget of approximately $0.00 (in Canadian dollars).  The show looked good on DNN On Air‘s high-definition website, which will be hosting all of the episodes weekly on Fridays.

    We also saw a teaser for an upcoming new program, to be produced by Douche and DNN, called Blanket Fort, which is expected to debut on DNN On Air May 13, 2016.  DNN On Air is also expected to host additional programs, revealing a capability of the website that thusfar has not been made public.  It is this secret capability, expected to be demonstrated at some point this month, which is the “game changer” DNN has been promising for some time.

    On the after-show Blab, Emilio did a good job in recapping the film.  Deeh Pitre was unable to speak because of guests in his house, but he appeared anyway.  JeffM expressed his thoughts at length about DEFAMED, in which he appears several times in interview segments, and Krystal provided color and commentary.  Emilio will also appear on DNN Live TODAY at noon EDT on Blab, with regular DNN LIVE co-hosts Kelly Fox and Nichole.

    For those who missed the first installment of DEFAMED, there will be a replay on DNN On Air on Sunday evening.

    Watch Friday’s After-Party with needy Esmellio here