DEFAMED: THE PEOPLE VS. JASOUCHE DOUCHON – Deeh Pitre and DNN’s New Miniseries April 1st!


MONTREAL, CA: Revenge is sweet.  That is what the teasers for this new project by embattled filmmaker Jason Deeh Pitre and DNN’s Douche the Monkey have been telling us all week without getting into any more specifics.  However, the countdown to April 1st has begun, and some information has started to leak out about the project, which has been kept under unusually tight wraps.  Deeh Pitre and Douche released a new promotional video and poster and Facebook page yesterday, signalling that the project is near completion.

The title, we have learned, is Defamed: The People Vs. Jasouche Douchon, a reference to an ugly incident that occurred at the hands of Ringoes, NJ schoolteacher John Mazza, who had accused the Montreal filmmaker of being Douche, the mean-tempered monkey mogul behind DNN Empire, on a Spreecast webcast.  This was an accusation with severe implications, as a cadre of Mazza associates had been attempting (with zero success) to run DNN members off the internet in a desperate bid to retain dwindling viewership.  During the episode, in which Deeh Pitre was ambushed and put on mock trial, Mazza and his minions methodically maligned the Montreal moviemaker.

This incident proved to be the impetus behind Defamed, which will run as a six-part miniseries debuting on DNN On Air on April 1, 2016.  According to Deeh Pitre, “Defamed is a very detailed and procedural series that focuses on one of the biggest defamations on videocasting ever.  It is also a series about how tribalism can make the masses believe anything. It’s about how the internet is sometimes frustratingly anonymous. It’s about how crazy people ruin fun for everybody else on shows like this. It’s about paranoia. It’s about Douche, a sort of Candyman, myth-like character.” He also calls it “the first videocast thriller mystery.”

He emphasizes that this is not another Year In Review-style collection of clips. Defamed contains inserts, interviews, reenactments, and documentary segments worked into a complete narrative, along with pertinent clips. “The structure of the film is sometimes quickly paced, but then slows down in real time”, he added. Beyond this, there is no more information about the actual content or point-of-view; readers are encouraged to set their calendars for April 1st. We have been assured that Defamed will answer many questions and raise new ones.

DNN will also be showing its classic cult film, Last Thirteen, in a rare showing tonight at 8PM EDT on DNN On Air.  DNN Live’s Emilio will host a Blab immediately after the showing to discuss the film.  All are invited.  Last Thirteen stars Christopher Roy Dick, who also did most of the photography, and is expected to attend the Blab.  Douche edited, Seederman directed, and Jason Deeh Pitre and the Scroll provided most of the soundtrack.

Defamed: The People Vs. Jasouche Douchon trailer:

Last Thirteen trailer: