DNN EMBARRASSES TROLL!!! Douche Outs Whale!!!


MONKEY ISLAND, SOUTH PACIFIC:  Long-time chat room troll Benjy Squonk, a fixture at both Spreecast and on Twitter, was banished to the analog world by none other than Douche! the Monkey, who stumbled across a 3-second video of the heavyset harasser on an old Kermit and Friends episode from August.

Squonk, whose unrelenting tweets and chat room trolling clearly took up the better part of his life, was confronted with a screen capture of himself on Twitter late Sunday night, and immediately deleted his very active Twitter account.  Squonk had largely been focused on Kermit host Elisa Jordana and her sidekick Benjy Bronk, frequently posting unflattering comments that usually centered around Bronk’s weight.  However, the tubby troll is clearly no stranger to doughnuts and cheeseburgers himself.

His downfall was swift.  The case was cracked when DNN’s Elko Tron sent Douche! a timestamped video of the Kermit and Friends episode for a completely unrelated project. The sharp-eyed simian noticed that the corpulent Squonk appeared momentarily midway through the episode, in an apparently accidental cam up.  Squonk quickly shut off his camera, but not fast enough to remain invisible to viewers.

Jordana, who called DNN  a “league of hate” during a rather ungenerous hissy fit at the end of the premiere of the otherwise universally acclaimed documentary Last Thirteen, was not available for comment, but we will assume she is grateful.  The future remains unclear for Squonk, who made no reply when he shut down his Twitter.  However, he may eventually be back under a new name; time will tell.