HOLLYWOOD CA:  As Jason Deeh Pitre’s miniseries DEFAMED approaches its final episode on Friday, pundits have been wondering what is next on DNN’s agenda.  Specifically, questions have been raised as to whether DNN will continue hosting entertainment on Friday nights, a “tradition” that dates back to April 1, 2016.  Therefore, now is probably as good a time as any to take a look at some of DNN’s upcoming programming, which is expected to debut on DNN On Air in the weeks ahead.

    DEFAMED‘s conclusion will air this Friday, May 6, at 8PM Eastern as usual, followed by its customary replay on Sunday, May 8.  The following Friday, May 13, marks the unveiling of DNN’s first fully-produced regular program, Douche’s Blanket Fort, which will appear in the time-slot vacated by DEFAMED.

    Blanket Fort is a weekly half-hour segment show, produced in HD, featuring some familiar faces as well as some new to DNN.  The program is described as fast-paced, uncensored, and fun.  In addition to comedic segments, some of Blanket Fort will contain educational life hacks, non-scripted reality segments, musical guests, interviews, news, and anything else that seems like it might fit.  It can safely be said that it is unlike any other program currently showing on any network, and it is expected to raise a few eyebrows when it makes its May 13th debut.  As with DEFAMED, a live webcast with the show’s participants will follow.

    Blanket Fort is only one program currently in production at DNN.  Also expected to debut later this month or in early June are shows with titles such as Trailer Park, Got Blues? The Brotha Rick Story, The DNN Pyro Hour, and Ask K Live, as well as a couple of special programs we are not yet at liberty to divulge.  An unnamed spokesperson within the organization stated, “Now that we’ve settled into our new home with our new servers, we can start developing the piece of real estate that is DNN On Air“.  Always envisioned as a daily entertainment destination, DNN On Air will be gradually adding shows to its roster throughout the rest of the year, some of which are expected to be produced shows, while others are expected to be in the form of live webcasts. Rumor has it that some of these live webcasts may be hosted directly at DNN On Air itself, although this rumor has not been independently verified.

    As always, DNN Tribune readers will be the first to know of any announcements regarding DNN On Air programming and should look for an upcoming interview on the state of DNN with DNN honcho Douche! the Monkey.  We thank viewers for their continued interest in our programming, and we look forward to serving the community with an exciting mix of original programming as DNN enters its first summer.



    1. I vote more CaptMuttley on your channels. He is not only entertaining but also very handsome, not to mention very informative with his knowledge on aviation. More CaptMuttley please!