DNN LIVE’s NICHOLE FREED FROM CAST!! Broken Foot Drama Nears End!!


NEW ORLEANS, LA: DNN LIVE‘s popular co-host and sex symbol, Nichole, enjoyed her first taste of freedom on Tuesday morning as the cast she has worn on her right leg since early February was finally removed in a delicate procedure that was captured on video, which the bayou beauty agreed to share with DNN Tribune.  Tribune readers had been inundating the DNN offices with questions about Nichole’s prognosis and recovery, and we are pleased to announce that Nichole can stand on her own two feet again. The road to recovery has been a long and arduous one, with tears, triumphs, and alcohol along the way. Nichole also still has more to go before the damage has completely been repaired, but at least she has been able to shake off the cast that had been at the root of her torment for the last eight weeks. Anybody who has had to wear a cast knows what a liberating moment this is, and it is one that could not have come a moment too soon for the vivacious webcast personality.

Nurse Kelly to Nurse Nichole: "Hey, it's broken!"
Nurse Kelly to Nurse Nichole: “Hey, it’s broken!”

The drama began on Saturday February 6, when Nichole, lost in the carefree abandon of Mardi Gras and under the influence of numerous refreshments, stumbled and fell, breaking her foot. “Drunk at Mardi Gras”, her friend and DNN LIVE partner Kelly Fox explained to the newsroom succinctly. Remarkably, the broken foot did not stop Nichole’s partying, which continued onward for four more days as she hobbled about on an increasingly swollen foot, waiting until Wednesday the 10th to seek medical attention, a decision that raised eyebrows with her co-host and fellow nurse, Kelly.  Kelly had told Nichole that she had broken her foot as early as Sunday the 7th, but Nichole paid no heed and embarked on another day of revelry at the annual bacchanal of debauchery.  Finally, on the fourth day, she staggered into the hospital, enshrouded in beads, alarming doctors and nurses and setting off a fire alarm.

Nichole's x-ray reveals the stark result of her Mardi Gras mishap
Nichole’s x-ray reveals the stark result of her Mardi Gras mishap

Later, after the pandemonium had settled down, an x-ray revealed the extent of the damage; Nurse Kelly Fox characterized it as “a nasty transverse break of the lower aspect of the fifth metatarsal, close to the cuboid bone”, which is fancy speak for a busted foot.  The prognosis: no amputation would be necessary, and Nichole would most likely be able to walk again. However, eight weeks in a cast would be necessary to put things together again, with more recovery time afterwards. Nichole took the news with characteristic Louisiana stoicism, but even the most casual viewers of DNN LIVE could see the dark clouds gather in her eyes even as she wore her bravest face.  As DNN’s only sex symbol besides possibly JeffM, she had to face the style-cramping reality of having become an invalid.  For a jet-setter like Nichole, this was a severe blow.

Hermetically sealed for a shower!
Hermetically sealed for a shower!

In addition, Nichole had to face the constant indignity of being unable to wash her entombed leg.  When taking a shower, she had to enclose the cast in a special water-tight plastic sheath that fit around the cast and sealed at the top.  For a woman of impeccable grooming and cleanliness, this is a particularly cruel torture.  During those dark days of late February and early March, DNN had repeatedly requested that Nichole send videos of herself taking a shower, so that we could see how the contraption worked, but for whatever reasons, our requests went unheeded.  She continued to work with Kelly on DNN LIVE on an irregular schedule, while whatever was happening under her cast continued to happen.

Free at last!
Free at last!

Fortunately, the happy day finally arrived this morning, and Nichole gleefully Periscoped the moment to the world.  The electric saw whirred as it cut through the cast, which obscured all but her toes and slightly overgrown-looking toenails.  The unveiling was teased out; every time it seemed that the doctor was ready to remove the cast, Nichole would comment on how to wash her foot and discussion would ensue, delaying the ultimate reveal.  “You’re gonna have a lot of dead skin that’s gonna come off over the next few days”, the doctor explained, while recommending pumice.  “Eww, that’s so gross”, replied Nichole, her toes twitching at the thought.

New boot with bone stimulator
New boot with bone stimulator

Kelly Fox was able to provide some more details to help us have a better understanding of these rapidly evolving events.  “The leg is so hairy right now”, Fox told DNN.  Fox also reported, “She’s so upset she’s been without a pedicure she’s taking that boot off after work and getting one!”  She also noted that Nichole had confided to her that “she’s the true smelly”.  However, while this is surely a joyous occasion worth celebrating, Nichole’s hard road to recovery is not complete.  The foot is still broken and needs to heal more; she will now wear a removable walking boot with a bone stimulator.  She will need to rely on this boot for the next eight weeks, and if her foot fails to fully heal, surgery may come next.

DNN extends its warmest well-wishes for a speedy recovery to our dear friend and colleague Nichole, who has to be one of the best sports around here.  We thank her for providing the video and photographs for our story, and we want to remind her that for the legions of fans who tune in just to bask in the warmth of her smile, a little leg hair is really no big deal.

Watch Nichole’s cast come off here: