ELKO TRON’S DOUBLE LIFE!!! It is NOT what you think!!!


SAGINAW, MI:  Mousey DNN librarian and researcher Elko Tron has been living a double life of late nights and zombie-like days, DNN has learned through a series of shocking disclosures on Twitter.  Eyebrows had been raised in the newsroom lately with Tron’s excessive sleeping in the office, and whispers were making the rounds that she had been up to some shenanigans late in the evening. The evidence of a shallow, perspective-less life spent in relative isolation appeared on Twitter late Friday evening.

Warning off jealous hangers-on and other riff-raff, Tron proudly tweeted one of her first design assignments.  It is a mildly psychedelic, slightly impressionistic study of a purple house with black trim set atop a lush green hill. Clouds roil on the horizon, and a tree stands as a silent sentinel beside a small, blue pond.  A trim-looking walkway runs along the side of the house. The sky ranges from a pastoral sky blue to a rich, sensual navy blue near the top. There is a noticeable 3-D effect, and we can see this design as a potential steal for a real estate company like Century 21 or website like Trulia.

DNN is pleased that all the days spent snoozing among the bookshelves in the archive room are starting to pay off, and we wish this budding graphics designer good luck and good grades.  She goes to one of the most expensive design schools in the country, which is a very fancy-looking place with walls made of white marble.  DNN is always a strong supporter of students, and those who enrich their lives through education as adults.