Periscope has changed a lot of peoples’ lives.  In the case of Alabama bluesman and street performer Brotha Ric, it has enabled him to “come in from the cold”.  Able to perform music in a warm environment and interact with people on a more intimate basis, Ric has found a new creative life and means of support.  On the other side of the coin, we have Christopher Dick, who not only claimed Periscope ruined his life (in several of his numerous Periscopes after ruining it) he had an entire motion picture made about his Periscope mania, the cult hit Last Thirteen (which has just been picked up in distribution deal; announcement coming soon!)

Brotha Ric comes in from the cold.
Brotha Ric comes in from the cold.

Stories like Ric’s and Dick’s are perhaps atypical, but they are typical in the sense that neither’s life would have followed the same trajectory without it.  Periscope clearly has the power to be a life-changing tool in this entirely new 21st century personal media age. There literally is no limit to the possibilities it represents in communication, entertainment, business, the Arts, politics, news gathering and dissemination.  Plus, it is so easy to use, literally anyone can join in the fun.  So, for all you Periscopers out there dreaming of stardom or notoriety, here are some useful facts, presented with the newbie in mind:

  1. Not all hearts are counted in your profile.  For reasons known only to Periscope, there is a 500-heart limit per tapper per Periscope session.  While an unlimited number of hearts will display during the live session, only a maximum of 500 will be added to your total per viewer. So, if you start with 1000 profile hearts, and two people tap 600 hearts apiece, the profile will show 2000 hearts, not 2200.
  2. As of October 2015 the “Most Loved” Periscopers ever were: Matthew Santoro (176M hearts), Fahad (130M), Bree Olson (106M hearts), Suicidegirls (97M hearts), Alex Pettitt (76M hearts)
  3. The streamer can change the shape of the hearts with these hashtags: #winter, #2016, #hogben, #easteregg, #muffins, #birthday, #Christmas, #Colbert, #and #emoji, among many others.  These are among many “secret” heart shapes available in Periscope, and users are reporting more as they find them.

    Christopher Dick saw his Periscopes turned into a real movie!
    Christopher Dick saw his Periscopes turned into a real movie!
  4. You can now watch a Periscope live without even leaving Twitter on iOS.  Previously, whenever a broadcast was shared on Twitter, tapping the link opened the Periscope app. Now, the broadcast autoplays right within the Tweet. And when you tap the video, it goes full-screen and shows Periscope comments and hearts from other viewers. You don’t need the Periscope app or even a Periscope account. This went live on January 13, 2016.
  5. There are an estimated 11 million Periscope users around the world, two million of whom are “daily, active” users.  Over 375,000 hours of video are streamed daily. Approximately half of all users fall into the 25-34 age bracket, with 99% of users under 55 years of age.