HARRY BALLZAK RETURNS TO TWITTER!!! Back at Work after Accidental Ban!!


TRONA, CA:  Famed Twitter user and thorn in Ryan Lever‘s side, Harry Ballzak, made a triumphant return to the social media platform three days after rumors had spread that Ballzak’s account had been suspended.  The controversial Ballzak, highly regarded as an artist of trolling in some quarters and held in contempt and disgust in others, had disappeared shortly after an altercation with one Forever21, with whom Ballzak had been scuffling for weeks.  Forever21 had been threatening for weeks to get Twitter to bring the banhammer down on Ballzak’s head, and for nearly 72 bleak hours, it appeared he had succeeded.

Forever21 flipping out about Ballzak
Forever21 flipping out about Ballzak

This would have meant an ignoble end to the Ballzak account, which had sent over 40,000 Tweets since being created.  Ballzak’s Tweets largely fall into four categories: spelling corrections, one liners at celebrities (which sometimes get him celebrity replies), Ryan Lever jokes, and poking fun at the unnaturally self-obsessed or hypocritical.  It is generally the last category that creates the fireworks, although some simple spelling corrections have sent some of his correspondents into substantial mental breakdowns, documented in their tweets.

Frequently accused of hate speech, racism, bullying, and generally breaking every Twitter term of service, Ballzak has often been threatened with reports to Twitter.  However, all of these charges are spurious; the art of Harry Ballzak is that he doesn’t say anything particularly outrageous, but others take his comments badly.

It is unclear if Forever21 did manage to get Ballzak’s account reviewed by Twitter.  However, on Sunday afternoon a gloating Ballzak Tweeted a screenshot of a Twitter form letter stating that his suspension had been in error due to anti-spam measures, and that his account had been restored to good standing.

We are grateful men like Ballzak exist.  We feel he fulfills an important role in our society, exposing hypocrisy where it exists, pulling back the curtain to reveal the seething anger just under the surface of the cheeriest internet demeanor, and pointing out to idiots how bad their spelling is (a thankless job, but one that protects our common language).  We tip our hat and welcome Harry Ballzak back to the Twitter world, so that he may resume his mission.  We also thank Twitter for recognizing the man’s innocence.

Harry Ballzak returns from limbo.
Harry Ballzak returns from limbo.