HIGH PITCH ERIK ARRESTED!! Joey Boots Announces News in Podcast!!


NEW YORK, NY: Joey Boots had a big scoop when he interviewed Erik Bleaman, better known as High Pitch Erik of the Howard Stern Show on Sirius/XM, following his arrest for threatening to “break Fred Elephant Boy’s face”.  He discussed the arrest and interviewed Erik late Friday night on The Joey Boots Show, his podcast with Gonzo Shitcock, at approximately the 38:40 mark of episode 57.

Boots provided some context, by mentioning how easy it is to rile Erik up.  Some well-placed troll comments, on the internet or in person, can led to Erik screaming things like “I’ll kill you!” and “I’ll stab you!”.  He then went on to mention that Erik had taken offense to two January 19th tweets by Fred, who explains them below:

Elephant Boy tweet Part 1
Elephant Boy tweet Part 1
Part 2
Part 2

Boots characterized Fred as “poking the dog with a stick through a fence”, saying Fred was trying to get Erik all wound up.  He said this had been an ongoing thing, and that Fred often insults Erik about his deceased mother or Erik’s benefits.

Erik himself appeared on the show with Joey and Gonzo.  A chipper-sounding Eric greeted them with “Hey, whats up?  Gonzo, what’s up?”, as if he were meeting up for a social event. “You tell us, Erik”, replied Gonzo.  Boots reviewed the story, and got Erik to admit he had sent eight text messages to Fred.  “He said something wrong, and he never learns his lesson!”, said High Pitch.

Joey Boots
Joey Boots

Boots asked High Pitch what the texts had said.  He admitted that he had threatened to “break Fred’s face” and that he’d send the Jewish Mafia after him.  Erik then received a call from a detective who left a voice message.  According to Erik, the detective was sympathetic to Erik, and said “people from the Howard Stern Show shouldn’t be picked on…”  Boots then cut him off and said, “the upside of all of this is Fred filed a police report and had Erick arrested.” Erik was instructed by New York City police to have no further contact with Fred the Elephant Boy.

High Pitch described how the arrest went down.  Early Friday morning, he was arrested at home and taken to the local precinct.  He was fingerprinted, photographed, booked, and given an appearance ticket for court.  He also mentioned that police officers told him, “Fred is not the smartest guy in the world”, to which Bootes replies that Erik wasn’t the smartest guy in the world either. He then scolded Erik for his behavior, and expressed frustration that Erik never seems to learn.

Erik claimed to have a lawyer, who assured him the case would be dismissed.  Boots called Fred the Elephant Boy a “major asshole” and a bully for having Erik arrested, since he knows Erik poses no real threat.  “It may turn out to be the trial of the century”, he added.

This is not Erik’s first scrape with the law; he had also been arrested years ago for making death threats in voice mail.

The news was big enough for TMZ to cover it!

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