Honest Frank Cleans House


MASTIC BEACH VILLAGE, NY:  Honest Frank, host of the Honest and Frank Show on Spreecast, has been on a blocking rampage.  The flag-wearing angel of Good has blocked from Twitter and/or Spreecast a number of the most ardent supporters of his show, including Kermit and Friends host Elisa Jordana, chat room habitués Born Mush and Tricep Brah, and even Frank’s personable new co-host, rising star Susie Q.  The Star Spangled Crusader seems intent on eliminating as many potential viewers as he can in an effort to reach the top.

Banhammer Frank has been having a rough week.  Outshined by his own co-host to the point where the audience begged him to leave the screen and let Susie Q have the show to herself, Frank has also been marginalized on the Kermit show and run afoul of Spreecast TOS guidelines in recent days.  His latest outburst seems to have been triggered by the defection of Susie Q to the Kermit and Friends show.  Frank, already irate at Jordana for putting rockabilly raconteur Corey Beffert on her show instead of the Caped One, apparently was further incensed at Susie Q’s appearance on Kermit.  However, the last straw came when Jordana guested on philandering Chris Dick’s dronefest following the December 2 webcast of Kermit.  Frank, who had been begging Jordana for an appearance on Honest and Frank for months, issued a terse “fuck you!” on Twitter, directed at the comely Kermit host.

It is unclear what Frank’s strategy will be going forward.  Although Frank was not asked to comment on his recent bacchanal of bannings, he commented anyway. In a 2AM Tweet this morning he commented, “Now I can be HAPPY being [Honest Frank, the] Angel and not deal with Retards anymore that never Grow UP!” [sic]  It is unknown if this recent hiccup will affect Frank’s presidential candidacy, which remains moribund.