HONEST FRANK IN HEALTH SCARE! Posts Video Alluding to Stroke!


MASTIC BEACH VILLAGE, NY:  Honest Frank, host of the foundering Honest and Frank Show on Spreecast, posted a video on YouTube on Sunday in which Frank reveals that he may have suffered a stroke in a dramatic phone conversation with his family.

Frank’s video opens with Annie, a family member, warning Frank that he may have had a stroke during an episode in which his arm went numb and he lost the ability to smile on one side of his face.  Annie recommends to Frank that he stay off the internet for awhile, and Frank says that he is trying to do just that.  His mother comes on the phone next, and Frank greets her by saying “It’s me, Frankie…” to silence, and then adds “You know…Honest Frank?” before they get into a discussion of carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Fortunately, The Caped One seems to have recovered from this health episode, and appears healthy in the video, which he recorded at home.  He stands and moves around in the video, and displays no sign of paralysis.  However, the ailing superhero also reveals that he needs two teeth pulled, which would place him among the ranks of the Missing Tooth Club on KaF.  Frank promised his mother to smile more and use the computer less as he recovers from this current health scare.  He does not appear to have been hospitalized, but mentioned a vague plan to visit “specialists” on Monday.

Frank has largely been on the outs with Kermit and Friends since December 9, when he was banned from Kermit and Friends.  Although KaF host Elisa Jordana relented the next day, Frank has not been alluded to often on the show since then.  In recent days, Frank’s Twitter activity has fallen off.

DNN wishes a speedy recovery to the Angel of Good, and hopes he will be back to repeating himself over and over on his show in the near future.