Honest Frank: Pay to Play

MASTIC VILLAGE, NY Honest Frank, host of the marginally popular Honest and Frank Show on Spreecast, announced yesterday on his show that going forward, archived versions of his show will only be available on a pay-per-view basis.  The Caped Crusader stated that such a change in policy would generate revenue needed for show improvements.
Initial reaction to this announcement was lukewarm at best, with many viewers voicing displeasure at the move in the chat room.  When viewers raised the possibility that charging for archived shows might result in fewer overall viewers, the declared Presidential candidate stated that he believed it would result in more viewers attending his show live.
The real talk in Frank’s chat has been about the sophisticated and seductive Suzie Q, a history major from Oklahoma, who brought a touch of class and intelligence to the Honest One’s recent programs.  Suzie Q may be a name to watch.
Frank, who had been a controversial Kermit and Friends guest for much of the summer of 2015, has had an apparent falling out with the show’s host, Elisa Jordana.  Although he still makes an occasional appearance, recent visits have ended in tirades interrupted by plays of the Little Zebra theme.  His solo show remains free on Spreecast for live viewers.