HOW KRYSTAL DOES IT: A Closer Look At Krystal’s Jason Deeh Pitre Interview


HEMET, CA:  What a week it has been for musician Jason Deeh Pitre.  Two days on the hot seat, grilled by semi-literate unemployed substitute teacher John Mazza and a petty, spiteful, not-so-honest, and gullible Elisa Jordana. Jason’s crime?  Contributing loads of material to Kermit and Friends and collaborating with DNN on Last Thirteen.  It is remarkable how the affable musician from Montreal has remained calm and relatively cordial throughout what might be the most mentally challenged Inquisition in history.

The dimwitted duo, fashioned as Batman (Mazza) and Batgirl (Jordana), still overlook the most obvious difference between Douche and Deeh Pitre, which is that while Douche! is a native-born English speaker, Jason is not.  Jason’s first language is French, and while he expresses himself well in English, it is a second language for him.  This fundamental fact not only sinks all of Mazza’s dumb theories, but also explains why Deeh Pitre is often accused of being “quiet” or “shy”.   Two shows and six hours of this bizarre assault on an innocent man who has done nothing but nice things for Kermit and Friends, and the Eggplant and his sidekick have failed to figure this out.  Words of reason won’t reach them.

"Crazy" does not begin to describe it...
“Crazy” does not begin to describe it…

On Tuesday morning, chat room regular Leaf King, who has been aggressively trolling people as Elisa’s official lapdog for the past month under the name Gaia Paia, posted a particularly asinine, self-serving, and bogus “apology” to the Tumblr account nobody reads.  Supposedly an attempt to make things right with Deeh Pitre, it instead contained more innuendo and went into a completely off-topic rant about Krystal, familiar Blab host and host of DNN’s soon-to-launch Ask K Live webcast (DNN’s second original program). In it, he first absolves himself from all blame: I found it interesting but did not believe it, so I wrote her a list of reasons why I thought you weren’t Douche.  Then, he goes on to attack Douche: She thought you were way too shy and too nice to ever be Douche.  He suggests Jason should be flattered by being slandered: I’d be flattered if it were me. It averaged over 100 viewers the entire episode and you ended up in a positive light by the end of it. That’s great recognition for you and your band.  That is all seriously batshit-crazy stuff, and Leafy used nearly 1000 pink words to say it.

However, in the middle of this “apology”, Leaf King adds: Also, please know that Krystal highly exaggerated everything she said Elisa said about you. Krystal is very vindictive and jealous towards Elisa and wants everyone to believe that Elisa is this nasty, evil person (which you yourself knows isn’t true).

So what would set Leaf King off on a demented assault on Krystal when he was supposed to be saying sorry to Jason?  Probably it was Krystal’s Monday night Blab with Special Guest Jason Deeh Pitre, which the perennially under-staffed DNN Tribune was unable to review at the time.  It is a reiteration of Elisa’s standard line, which is the popular webcast personality has a vendetta against Jordana and her show.  This party line, which simpletons like Leaf King swallow hook-line-and-sinker, has never been corroborated by any evidence, and Krystal’s own shows are evidence to the contrary.  Krystal does have a reputation for not taking nonsense indefinitely, and will reply to attacks sent her way, which is her right as a webcast host. However, the real reason why people enjoy Krystal’s webcasts is the respect she gives to her guests; the key ingredient missing from Kermit and Friends, where a guest is expected to be flattered by having his name dragged through the mud by an ignorant load like John Mazza.

On Monday night, Krystal hosted a Blab following Jason’s appearance on Rhonda Findling’s Help Me Rhonda Spreecast, which followed his appearance on Kermit and Friends.  He spoke candidly for one hour with Krystal, where he expressed his thoughts about Mazza’s witch-hunt.  It was a revealing look at the musician, who displayed candor and a sense of humor, and it was also a fine example of how Krystal sets a guest at ease, enabling him or her to open up.

“I wasn’t happy” Jason said, referring to when he heard about Mazza’s spectacle.  “It was out of line” he said, “It was insane”.  Krystal explained that she ordinarily has a policy of not discussing events that don’t involve her, but that as she was watching the Kermit episode, knowing full well none of it was true, she simply had to talk to Deeh Pitre.  She noted that Deeh Pitre had done nothing but help Kermit and Friends.  “Elisa hurt me a lot” Deeh Pitre admitted.  He admitted he kept wondering “why are they saying this?”  He also said he struggled to maintain his composure, becase he felt some things they had said to him on the show were “completely out of line”.  He said at first it seemed funny, but then became angry as Mazza tried to dig up dirt about his previous work in the adult film industry.  He explained that he took that job to work and get experience working with film, a common route many young filmmakers take in an industry where jobs are hard to get.

Mazza demonstrates his lack of knowledge about struggling filmmakers
Mazza demonstrates his lack of knowledge about struggling filmmakers

Meatball Mazza himself showed up and immediately began the third-degree again.  Mazza seemed particularly focused on Jason’s imdb bio, seemingly not understanding that the bios are edited by any user, wiki-style.  Mazza insinuated that Deeh Pitre was hiding something, and asked him why he claimed he was a cameraman when he had received a director credit. “How does this apply to him being Douche?” Krystal asked quite reasonably, and Mazza said it was because Douche got into imdb too after DNN’s Last Thirteen movie was released. Mazza seems not to understand that this is what people ordinarily do when they make a film; they list it in imdb.  Mazza became fixated on the topic.  “Was your work what they call “artistic”?” he asked, “like film Noir?  Artistic porn?”  He finally got kicked for this, on the grounds he was asking totally irrelevant questions.

With Mazza gone, Krystal conducted an outstanding interview.  The famous Kermit party Jason had attended last May was discussed, and discrepancies in Jordana’s version of the story were pointed out by Jason.  Jason said he was hurt by how inaccurate Elisa and Benjy’s version of the story was.  He had mistaken Benjy’s invitation of letting him sleep on the sofa as a friendly overture, so he had accepted.  He mentioned that he could have easily spent his one night in New York at a club or something, but that he thought he had hit it off with them. He felt that their characterizations that he was broke and helpless were inaccurate and offensive, although he remained polite as he discussed it.

They also discussed how one piece of Meatball Mazza’s evidence was Deeh Pitre’s dislike of Creepy Chris Dick, and how this proves he is Douche because Douche hates Dick.  However, their degree of dislike is different; Jason doesn’t really hate Chris, just his lies and bullshit, while Douche truly abhors him.  Krystal also pointed out that lots of people hate Chris Dick, a fundamental fact that Jordana has never acknowledged.  Even Jordana has uttered the words “I hate Chris” numerous times in the past.

Jason said he would appear on Kermit again if it were to receive an apology (which he did, on Tuesday, getting further insults from Mazza and a very half-assed apology from Jordana). He said he felt angry because of how random the attack seemed, particularly since he was not around much lately.  Krystal pointed out how the accusations that he is a negative hateful person were bizarre, and Deeh Pitre said that they were lies; he admits he gets angry sometimes but that he thinks he is not a particularly hateful person.

The entire interview was quite a contrast to the nonsense on Kermit and Friends.  Krystal helped us get to know who Jason is, what makes him tick, how he views the world.  We heard about his life and his thoughts, and he also shared plenty of observations about the craziness on Monday.  For those who have been caught up in the drama, it is required viewing.  This is what an interview is supposed to be.  DNN belatedly congratulates Krystal for an outstanding job done, and thanks Jason for the music he provided to our film and for being such a good sport.  We are eager to work more with both of them in the future.

Watch the full Blab here



  1. Everyone involved in this witch hunt should be so so ashamed. From the now exposed pitiful dimwitted Elisa to jelly brained jealous Mazza on down & those who believed them. Has McGridle been right with even one of his porkfat theories? anyone? has he ever?

  2. I agree. It was honestly disgusting and shameful to watch.

    However, had it not happened, I fear Jason and Douche would not have come together the way they have. Individually, their brilliance is barely containable. Imagine what’s to come should they ever collaborate?!

    From every shit storm a beautiful richly fertilized flower will bloom.