TRONA, CA:  Blab has to be one of the most chaotic places on Earth.  People come and go, fights break out, innuendo gets tossed around; it’s a messy platform where nothing ever seems planned or organized, and everything seems spontaneous.  While there’s plenty of fun to be had in such chaos, it is also refreshing to see a program that is well-thought out, and uses the unpredictable aspects of Blab to its advantage.

The Jock and Nerd Podcast has been a Blab mainstay since March 23, 2015, which qualifies it as “long running” in the webcast world.  The show has produced 72 episodes so far, and has featured a gamut of topics and guests.  The basic premise is simple.  Jock and Nerd are really Anthony and Imran.  Anthony is the titular jock; a guy who is into playing and watching sports and engages in typical jock douchebaggery (as their website states) in general.  He’s got NBA posters on his bedroom wall, and seems pretty fit.  Imran is a nerd of the bearded, bespectacled variety, who is into recording equipment and website design.  The mismatched pair are united in their love for comic books (a newer obsession for Anthony, and a way of life for Imran).

The most popular felty on Blab: Rugboy
The most popular felty on Blab: Rugboy

The duo work well together, with their obvious differences providing an interesting contrast, ensuring that discussions tend not to be one-dimensional.  However, the third element, Rugboy, is the magic ingredient.  Rugboy should be familiar to Kermit and Friends viewers as the wise-talking, self-deprecating felt puppet (or “felty”, as he prefers to be called) with crooked teeth and five o’clock shadow. Rugboy’s role is essential; if Jock and Nerd get too lost in discussion, or if a guest isn’t quite providing interesting material, the straight-talking Rugboy adds an element of unpredictability to the show. Avoiding the geek-speak that comic books so often produce, Rugboy is the voice of the common man, often punctuating the points made by others with sarcasm or an overlooked piece of common sense.

Podcast Fan Day Geek Talk, ,Jan. 13, 2016
Podcast Fan Day Geek Talk, Jan. 13, 2016

The trio seem to have good rapport, and work well together.  While discussions can wander, as is the nature of the medium, they remain on-topic for the most part.  The topics are fairly broad, given the premise of the show.  While comics and comic culture is at its core, the show also discusses movies and other aspects of pop culture.  Recent topics include: comic book movies, the rise of eSports, the new Star Wars, Godzilla, Netflix, a comic convention, photography, and more.  One doesn’t have to be a comic geek to enjoy the program.

Even more impressive is the list of guests they have landed on their program.  Many of the creative minds behind the pop icons they discuss appear on the show, making it more of a legitimate program than a typical Blab gabfest.

DNN wishes Jock and Nerd (and Rugboy) all the best with their fine series, and encourage our readers to check them out.  The Jock and Nerd Show is an excellent example of how Blab can be used in ways beyond what its creators may have envisioned.

Jock and Nerd Podcast website here.