LAST THIRTEEN A SMASH HIT!! DNN’s First Feature Length Movie Gets Raves!!!


HOLLYWOOD, CA:  Last Thirteen, the DNN documentary starring Chris Dick and produced by Twiggylu Productions, met with a wide range of emotions, but the reviews from the live chat room, which are notoriously savage much of the time, were almost universally glowing in their assessment of this historic motion picture.

The film, possibly the first feature-length movie ever assembled from disposable social media chat sessions using Periscope and Blab, depicted one man’s paranoid struggle inside a social media web of his own creation, and his plunge into the black abyss at its core.  The motion picture was narrated by DNN’s Jeff M, produced and edited by Douche!, and directed and timestamped by Seederman. Jason Deeh Pitre and his band The Scroll provided the moody, atmospheric soundtrack. Clear Cider Studios provided the quotation segments.

Elisa Jordana co-starred as herself, with Jimmy Linguini, John Mazza, Doc Ivan, and Krystal making appearances as well. Kiyoshi the dog also has several cameos.

The film garnered 432 live viewers during its showing, a record for a single webcast from DNN On Air, DNN’s streaming video home.  Comments immediately after the webcast included:

“<Standing O>” — Claire from NJ

“That movie mind (fucked) me” — Concerned Citizen

“cult film for the ages; seriously have you contacted Netflix?” — Caillou

“Yay Douche” — MaryLuvMarc

“Bravissimo” — Nichole


“Wonderful job everyone!” — Gunk

“Everyone here should be crying.” — Elisa Jordana

Watch for Twitter announcements from @DoucheTheMonkey and @Seedermaniac as well as the DNN Tribune for information regarding additional showings of this very special film.

Banana chomping DNN honcho Douche the Monkey also announced DNN’s second film project, Got Blues? The Brotha Ric Story.  This film is currently in pre-production.



  1. I do not understand how you were able to cover up the hearts from the periscopes, that must have been a chore. Would have been good to actually have some live interviews on what people thought of the man. To me I am fascinated by him because of his acting/storytelling abilities however I have zero respect for someone that tells lies compulsively. That said, I still do not understand if it was in an act and if in fact it was I think CD deserves an Oscar. If I were a producer I would cast him as a Superheros’ nemesis.

    • There were many chores involved in this, but thankfully, covering up hearts is not one of them. When you periscope, the hearts are not embedded in the video. A downloaded Periscope has no hearts or comments from viewers on it, just raw video.