LEVER BLASTS DANNY FROM LA!! “Blocked and Gone!!”


SUDBURY, ON:  In an amusing YouTube video making the rounds on Twitter this morning, a shirtless and bemused Ryan Lever takes potshots at his part-time nemesis, part time Blab co-host Danny from LA.  The Sudbury Stud, who moonlights as Kermit and Friends co-host while Christopher Dick agonizes in limbo, was in fine form as he offered an analysis of Danny’s internet career.  The date the video was recorded is unclear, but it appears recent.

The internet superstar, who boasts over 8,000 Twitter followers, appeared relaxed in the video, as he spoke from his worn-out gamer’s chair in his nicotine-stained apartment. Pulling no punches, Lever dropped a bombshell at the outset.  “So Danny from LA is now done with me again!”, he drawled, referring to the always-fragile alliance between the two Blab regulars.  According to Lever, a person posing as Danny’s mother in chat said that Danny was boasting about becoming famous online, as Ryan is.  Lever tweeted “lol” in reference to this exchange, to which Danny apparently took offense.

Danny: Ryan's a drug addict
Danny: Ryan’s a drug addict

Ryan had unfriended his erstwhile partner on Twitter, making it difficult to find Danny’s tweets, so Ryan had to paraphrase what Danny had said, claiming Danny had said “Dude, why’d you write lol?” and “That’s not cool”.  Ryan delivered Danny’s shocking and incendiary rebukes while doing an impression of Danny, which sounded a lot like a Canuck lumberjack’s voice.

Danny had had his troubles on Blab; a self-admitted troll when he first started using it, he was banned under several usernames. However, his account changes have managed to stay one step ahead of Blab moderators, and he remains a familiar presence on web cam.  As for actual levels for fame Lever and Danny enjoy, it is difficult to determine.  In some respects, Harry Ballzak has greater fame than either of them.

Lever had some sage words of advice for the Los Angeleno.  “This guy used to feed my trolls, feed the fire.  If you can’t play the fucking game, don’t play it.” He added that some people might be gladdened by the news that Danny is blocked “forever” and that he is “gone, good bye”

This stunning video provides a revealing inside look into the inner workings of the Ryan Lever/Danny from LA relationship, and Ryan definitely puts a lot of work into his presentation.  This is a relationship that has been fraught with many disagreements and quarrels.  The two men, both fathers in their mid-thirties, remain locked in each other’s orbit even as they sever their relationship once again.

Danny’s reply to Lever’s tirade was a terse, “Ryan is a drug addict.”