MOVIE REVIEWS: Krasinski Shines in Aloha!, Blunt Bombs in Sicario!


    HOLLYWOOD CA: Fans of superstar actor John Krasinski have been going gaga over his brilliant performance in the Bradley Cooper vehicle, Aloha!.  The cult hit movie can be interpreted as an epic allegory about the oppression of the unemployed poor by the moneyed elite, dressed in contemporary clothes and played out in the gorgeous locale of the Hawaiian islands.  It is a poignant and touching film, and never gets dull.  More films need to follow this formula, and more need Krasinski!


    While Bradley Cooper, who is familiar to DNN readers through his KaF connection, and Bill Murray acquit themselves well, it is really Krasinski who steals the show as “Woody”. In this role, Krasinski displays all the sensitivity, wit, and drama one expects from the acclaimed actor.  Aloha!  is maybe the best Krasinski role since his brilliant turn as himself in The Muppets (2011) Some DNN reporters confessed to swooning over Krasinski’s performance. Aloha! was nominated for three Teen Choice Awards in August!

    Alas, the same accolades cannot be given to Sicario, a tepid action thriller about Mexico and drugs, starring an over-the-hill Benicio del Toro and an appallingly annoying Emily Blunt.  The film, probably the worst ever made, deserves special scorn for the insipid and inane performance by Emily Blunt. It contains a lot of talking and a lot of shooting and a lot of bad Blunt.


    DNN used to have high hopes for the once-talented, British-born Blunt.  However, here she comes across as shrill, brash, melodramatic, and smug.  The performance is so bad, DNN advises its readers to skip all future Blunt films.  At two hours, you will get all the Blunt you need for a lifetime, and it will leave you dizzy and disoriented!

    Aloha! earns a full 5 quacks, one turd for Sicario and we hope Blunt steps in it!