I was coming into Alabama and there was really bad weather.  The controller was lining us up for the runway.  The controller had this way he was vectoring us around, and the computer picked up on a waypoint. The computer thought we had passed that waypoint, but we passed in the opposite direction.  When I finally got lined up on approach, I thought I was okay.  I couldn’t see anything because of the bad weather, and the computer was telling me I had passed this waypoint. But we really hadn’t passed the waypoint. All the airplanes are computerized now.  A lot of pilots rely too much on the computers, and not on their basic skills.  That’s complacency. Computer complacency.

    I started to descend, and I had this feeling inside of me that something was wrong.  And there was nothing that was giving me any indication, because everything was normal in the cockpit.  But I had this like voice or feeling, just a bad feeling. And just as I had that feeling, I started to add power to the engines and climb back up.  Just as I was doing that and the first officer was going to question why I was doing it, the air controller came on the frequency and said, “do you realize you are too low?” I said yes, and I continued to climb back up.

    Thankfully, it was over a flat area and we were still pretty high.  We were still 1500 feet up, so we weren’t going to hit anything but…

    From the DEFAMED Part 3 After Party with Emilio