REVIEW: Brotha Ric Chases Away the Santa Blues!


MADISON, AL: Prolific bluesman Brotha Ric Patton, who has the best, most consistent Periscope around these days, celebrated his 78th day of Periscoping with a special Christmas-themed program.  He is close to reaching the elusive “Million Heart Mark” in rapid time, a testament to the good vibes any viewer to his Periscope experiences when watching one of Ric’s charming, homespun Periscopes.

Alabama-based Ric, wearing a Santa hat, was his usual self; friendly, funny, a little bawdy, and full of music that flows like wine.  He did a few Christmas songs, while chatting in between about having the blues at holiday time.  The first song he played was “I’ll Have a Good Christmas Without You”, which he dedicated to those experiencing relationship difficulties at Christmas.

This was followed by another one of Ric’s friendly chats, and a more upbeat harmonica-and-guitar folk-blues number which segued into a hilarious R-rated rewriting of Gene Autry’s “Here Comes Santa Claus”.  He also performed a tender, urban-oriented rewrite of “Soon it Will Be Christamastime”

Brotha Ric deserves a much wider audience; he is not an amateur musician or untalented webcam addict.  He is a traditional Alabama bluesman of the type we seldom see anymore, and is vibrant and alive and relevant.  He had worked as a street performer in the past, but has found a much warmer and artistically conducive environment on Periscope. He is nearing 500 followers, and enjoys vocal support from his Blues VIP’s, his most enthusiastic followers of all.

The show ran a little over 20 minutes, typical for Ric, and is a fine representation of what Ric has to offer.  Drop in any day (Brotha Ric Periscopes live daily), and expect to be warmly greeted, told a few jokes, entertained with a story or two, and hear some fine blues music (and occasional contemporary standard).  If you happen to see him in Kermit and Friends’ chat room, please say hi.  And accept his invitation to view his show!

Brotha Ric’s Periscope May Be Viewed Here

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