Stern Show Wack Packer Crackhead Bob Dead at 56


George “Crackhead Bob” Harvey, best known for his appearances on the Howard Stern Show, has passed away, DNN has learned. He was 56.

A member of Stern’s Wack Pack, Bob first appeared on the show in 1995, after he had been noticed by show personnel at several of Stern’s public appearances. Introduced to Stern and the audience by executive producer Gary Dell’Abate, Bob immediately became a hit due to his bizarre speech patterns and generally good-natured personality.  Bob’s speech was permanently affected by chronic use of crack cocaine, which had caused Bob to suffer a series of strokes, paralyzing parts of his body.

Bob was a regular on the show from 1995 to 2001, appearing in a large number of capacities.  He is perhaps best remembered for intervening when one of the Jesus Twins singing duo became belligerent in the studio.  He was also remembered for interviewing Chris Rock, and participating in many bits and prank phone calls.  By 2001, his fame had grown to the point that he had to retire from the show, as temptation to return to his vices had become too great.  However, he briefly returned to the show again from 2005-2007 before temptations became too much again, and Bob moved to Texas, where he spent most of his final years of his life.  No cause of death has been reported as yet.

Crackhead Bob was preceded in death by fellow wack packer Riley Martin, who passed away in December, and joins a long list of wack packers who are now deceased.  DNN mourns the loss of another familiar voice from the classic Howard Stern Show days, and offers its sympathies to his family and friends.

Crackhead Bob Auditions for Tommy Chong: