Susie Q Gets Very Real


SOMEWHERE IN OK: Sometimes Kermit gets very real.  Not always, maybe not even often these days, but sometimes it gets very real.  Susie Q, caught in something of a tug-of-war between Elisa Jordana’s Kermit and Friends and Honest Frank’s Honest and Frank, made her first appearance on Kermit and Friends since Chris Dick’s birthday extravaganza, and proved what a remarkable woman she is and what an important member of the community she has become.

Susie’s appearance, poised as always, began with a discussion of Rhonda Findling’s hot new Spreecast advice program, Help Me Rhonda!  The divine Miss Q and the heroic Elisa Jordana praised the show, and also offered some critique of the women who guested on the program. Susie and Elisa agreed that “problems with men” are one of the biggest challenges to many relationships.  Susie also wore a special cross to send out good vibes to the disgraced Chris Dick, who had been busy cursing Jordana out on a Periscope only minutes earlier.

Things got a lot more real when Oklahoma Susie faced Crybaby Chris head-on.  During the exchange, Susie disclosed that she is living with incurable cancer of the kidneys, which has also spread to her bones.  She is taking chemotherapy and has taken radiation treatment as well.  She is able to control her affliction to some degree with medication.  What could have been a very sad moment was kept quite upbeat by Susie’s remarkably positive attitude. Susie revealed she has some big travel plans for the upcoming year, and said “I’m not gonna let cancer stop me!”  The bravery of this woman even affected the sociopathically apathetic Chris, who was stunned into silence.  Dramatic Dick’s histrionics at getting left out in the rain for a day really seemed rather petty in comparison.

Insofar as a positive outlook can lead to a positive prognosis, Susie Q should be an inspiration to anyone suffering from a severe illness, even Chris Dick.  We can all learn a lot from this dynamic, intelligent woman, who just happens to have cancer.