Tales From The Road – Evil


After a few years on the road and not having a proper permanent address I decided I should have some place to call home. Up until then I would spend any time off visiting family or friends so I didn’t feel like it would be wise to have a monthly payment for an empty home. I had stuff in storage back home and that was good enough for me. I decided I would get an apartment in Los Angeles. I wanted to be close enough to Sunset that I could walk there and far enough away that I could avoid it.

I had a friend at the production company I worked with that was married to an agent who said she would show me a few available apartments in the area. I still had a week on the road before I would be off for 3 weeks so we scheduled to meet up 2 weeks later. My next job was with a band that mostly did weekend fly-in shows so most of my days would be spent at the production office instead of on the road. The money was great and I would be home 4 or 5 nights a week.

My apartment demands were pretty simple – clean and private parking. When you are used to sleeping in a bus then mostly anything will suit your fancy. I was told we would be checking out 4 places and that I needed to act quick because places disappeared quickly. The budget was in the $1,500 range – nothing earth shattering today but a solid commitment for someone used to a $0 budget.

I don’t remember much about the first 3 places. This was almost 20 years ago and nothing really stood out about them. I do remember thinking the first place was decent and was the leader going to see the fourth. The last apartment was a new listing and all we knew about it was the rent was $1,200 – fantastic for that part of Fairfax. We pulled up at the Tudor style building on Sweetzer and I already loved the place. It was like a little bit of Germany and different from most of the surrounding buildings.

I had a good feeling this would be the place. It was a small, 8 unit building. The apartment we would be seeing was on the second floor. It was currently vacant and I could move in as soon as I liked.

As we approached the front door I started feeling a little sick. The feeling grew as we entered the main door and climbed the stairs to the apartment. We entered the apartment and looked around. I was almost paralyzed by a feeling of doom. I can’t really explain it besides a heavy, dark feeling taking over. I told the agent that I had seen enough and we went back outside. We stopped at her car and the dark feeling was gone, I was fine. I wasn’t sure what I should say, I am not someone who really goes for all the ghost or paranormal madness. I don’t rule anything out but I also don’t buy into much of it, either.

I ended up just blurting out something about that place being depressing and evil. I saw her eyes bulge as I said it and she then told me she was scared to say something but she had the exact same feeling. She told me it was a heavy depressing feeling that was darker than anything she had ever felt before. I told her that I would think over the first place we saw and get back to her in a few hours.

By the time I got back to my hotel room I already had a message to call her back. It was a quick call where she told me that there was a special condition connected to the last place we saw – an young actress was killed in that complex in 1989.

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