Tales From The Road – Fashionably Loud!


Spring break, models and music. I won’t tell you the year or the location but I will tell you all the sordid details. I have lucked my way into situations for as long as I can remember. The tour I was on had just ended and I was about to head off for 2 weeks or R&R when i got the call to cover for a friend who was unable to complete the tour his was on. The money was good but the chance to do the Fashionably Loud show was what made me cancel my vacation and join this tour.

For those who never heard of Fashionably Loud, MTV decided to combine music and fashion designers and throw a party. The artists played, the models walked the stage and thousands of young men loved every second of it.

I was never much of a drinker, I never smoked and I left the drugs to those who weren’t hugged enough as kids. My one vice was women. Beautiful women. I always did much better than I deserved to with them, too. Thankfully I never had to go the slump buster route or, as mentioned in an earlier article, hogging. I really have a thing for smart, sexy, strong women. I never connected with the groupies because it seemed too easy. I wanted someone who I saw as my equal, not some subservient fuck toy. So why would I be so interested in attending Fashionably Loud? It wasn’t for the dozens of models, it was for one woman in particular.

Her name wasn’t Monica but it will be for this article. She was the perfect mix of beauty, brains and attitude. I met her 2 months earlier in Vegas. She was a buyer for a major chain and was in town for a convention. I was there because, as I mentioned earlier, I luck my way into situations. We met in a hallway and I fell in love even before I had a chance to say a word. We shared a weeks worth a memories in 20 hours and I was finally going to see her again.

Live TV appearances are a totally different experience for the band as well as the crew. Most of the time you don’t have your stage or lighting and the TV mix takes priority over the live mix. The band is usually nervous and looking for support wherever they can get it. Thankfully, on this weekend, they were getting lots of support from the dozens of models who were around and wanting to play. Whenever I hear the term “rock star” my mind play a video of that weekend. My guys were being treated by rock royalty and loving every minute of it.

With everything on track at work, I finally got to go back to my hotel room, where Monica would be waiting. Where was Monica should be waiting. Where Monica wasn’t waiting. She left a message at the front desk. Plans changed, she wouldn’t be able to make it.

I had a decision to make, do I head back to the party of a lifetime and forget Monica or do I take a nap and wait for her to call? I could lie and say the phone rang as I was mid-thought. I could say we talked all night and made plans on getting together next week. Instead, I will tell you the truth about the craziest night of my life with 3 models, a Crest toothpaste pump and the maid who got fired for joining my little party. I won’t tell you today but I will. Soon.

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