Tales From The Road – New Orleans


I didn’t let her into my room and I still can’t believe that she made it in without waking me up. She jumped on my chest and clocked me with a right hand before I had a chance to fully wake up. My instincts kicked in and I tossed her off of me and I rolled off the bed on the other side. My heart was pounding out of my chest and my mouth was filling with blood as I tried to get my bearings in the dark hotel room. The door swung open and she ran down the hall and into another room. Some of my crew was in the room next to me and I pounded on their door as I kept an eye on the room she ran into. We were on the 5th floor so I knew she couldn’t jump out the window. Our drum tech opened the door and I told him to call the front desk and tell them we needed security. 2 guys who were bigger than me came out of the elevator and I signalled them to the door while filling them in on what had happened. They opened her door and found her in the bathtub smoking a cigarette and laughing. Welcome to New Orleans.

It took most of the morning to get details. She got my room key from the front desk by saying she was my wife and showing a pass from the show the previous night. Her room being on our floor seemed to be coincidence, she had not made a special floor request or changed rooms. She was being held for a psychiatric evaluation and had a history of violent acts. The hotel sent in a manager to try and make things right with me but I didn’t have time to deal with him and gave him the number for the production company legal team.

I went back to my room to get dressed and headed for lunch with the crew. I expected a serious ribbing but most of the crew were actually freaked out about someone getting in my room so easily. They had a bunch of questions but the two I was asked most was how did she know who I was and what did I do to her in the past to get her that angry. I had no memory of her and I am known to remember the smallest of details. I later found out that they found a copy of our itinerary book in her belongings so she probably just chose my name off the list. She also said she had no memory of entering my room or punching me.

Later that afternoon I was working on the production office at the venue when legal called and told me the hotel was offering an apology in the form of a few thousand dollars and a 50% discount card for life. I told him to accept it and thanked him for handling it for me. It was our second night at the venue so sound check was short and taken care of by the crew. I went to the dressing room to make sure they restocked for the second night and spotted someone running down the hall with a guitar case. I took off after him and caught him in under 15 strides. He dropped the case and I pinned him on the wall while I called security on the two way. He begged me to let him go and that he was only doing it because his girlfriend was a big fan of the band and he wanted to give her something special. The kid couldn’t be any older than 16 and was shaking like a leaf. I took him to the production office, gave him a couple of shirts, a pair of drumsticks, a signed 8X10 and a few picks and had security walk him out of the building. I could be a softie sometimes and I didn’t want another female in New Orleans to be mad at me.

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