The World According To Douche! – Montreal Food


I may have spent less than 50 days in Montreal in the last decade but I can tell you one thing I have done every one of those 50 days – eat some sexy food! I’ve been all around the world, I have killed kings and kissed princesses… actually, no, I haven’t, what was I thinking? What was I going on about again? Right, food. I’ll skip the fancypants places and tell you where Douche! gets the good stuff and hope they are all still in business. Things change, you know?


marvens-Marven’s – Look at that place, would you go in there? You would if you knew what was awaiting you! Calamari, souvlaki and enough tzatziki to fill an Olympic pool. Frank me, I am hungry already!




fdmdecarie.0Decarie Hot Dog – Follow me on this one, you want a steamé all-dressed. All-dressed means mustard, onions and coleslaw or cabbage. Steamé means steamed. You won’t go wrong ordering poutine here, either.




bashaBasha – You want chicken shawarma? It’s called Shish taouk in Montreal. I don’t know why, it just is.  They also have falafel that would satisfy the sexiest of sister wives.





Lester’s – Look, I am in town for a short period of time, do you think I have time to wait in line at Schwartz’s? Screw that, go to Lester’s and have their smoked meat.




Fairmount Bagel

Fairmount Bagel – Look in the window, see that? Those are bagels waiting for you to eat them. Don’t get fancy, just get a dozen sesame.





Da Bologna

Da Bologna – Tout garni means all-dressed. What is all-dressed when it comes to pizza? I don’t really remember but it does include pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers.




Manzo-Pizzeria-320x246Manzo’s – It’s a pizza place but go there for a sub. Have the Manzo special and thank me later… or don’t, I don’t need the credit for changing your sub life.





Green StopGreen Stop – I haven’t been to this place in years but I remember they loved to put smoked meat on everything.  There is always parking out front so run in, grab a couple of hot dogs and some poutine and be out the door in about 3 minutes. The poutine will remain piping hot until you get to wherever you are going.