TITANS UNITE: A Mysterious Meeting of the Minds on April 1st


MONTREAL, QC: Set your calendars, folks.  April 1st may be April Fool’s Day, but there’s no joke involved here.  For the past few days, people across the continent have been whispering about the appearance of three dark, ominous promotional videos featuring stylized images of filmmakers Douche the Monkey and Jason Deeh Pitre set to Black Sabbath‘s “Disturbing the Priest”. A video tweeted by Douche today offered no information as to what it is promoting beyond the following text: TITANS United 514. R.I.S. all is revealed… soon.

Tribune readers with good memories may recall that Jason Deeh Pitre was maligned and defamed during a week-long campaign in which a deluded and demented John Mazza accused the artist and cinematographer of being Douche the Monkey on a series of live webcasts.  Mazza’s folly, which wasn’t even worth discrediting, had a number of immediate ramifications; it severely (and perhaps irreparably) damaged the credibility of the Spreecast program from which he launched his accusations, it cemented the unholy alliance between Mazza, Pastafagioli, and Born Mush (Mazza was recently banned from Spreecast, while the other two were outed in embarrassing fashion last week by internet users angered at other, unrelated malicious hijinx from the trio), and it had the effect of bringing Jason and Douche closer together.  It has not been confirmed whether the two are actually collaborating on this project; Deeh Pitre has remained holed up in his studio for most of the last two weeks, and has offered no comment.

Douche has remained tight-lipped about the project as well, and has offered little information about what it actually is.  At present, DNN is only able to confirm that there is a project, it is nearing completion, and it is due to debut on DNN On Air on April 1st. Beyond that, there have been no public announcements.  However, this reporter was able to suss out some additional tidbits of information: R.I.S. is a video project, it will be shown in multiple parts, and it will be related in one way or another to recent events.  “514” appears to be a reference to the area code of Montreal, Quebec, and there is a tantalizing clip at the very end of the third video which suggests what some of the subject matter may entail.  We don’t have more than this, but what is certain is that it is likely to leave an enormous impression on its viewers; insiders say that this project goes well beyond anything we’ve seen in the community so far.

It can also be confirmed that this project is not the “game-changing surprise” DNN promised for this month.  The announcement concerning that project, which we are told is not a video or webcast, is expected within a week or two.  R.I.S. is an unrelated endeavor, which had its genesis in February after Deeh Pitre approached Douche about the Mazza accusations. Beyond this, the Tribune has nothing more at present to report, but look for further scheduling announcements, behind-the-scenes coverage, and interviews with these two titans, who may or may not be united, in the days leading up to R.I.S. on April 1st.  Spending a year in this community without seeing R.I.S. is like listening to a shaggy dog tale and leaving before the punchline.

Stay tuned!